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WWII British Parachute Regiment Title

Here we have a Parachute Regiment title. Early example wool embroidered on a canvas material with a black back. As detailed on page 142 of Oliver Lock’s British Airborne Insignia as a locally made variation.

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WWII British Paratrooper Wing

A Paratrooper jump wing in good condition. Flat example embroidered on wool with a hessian back. Age related and wear.

Code: 56094

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WWII US Army Glider Trooper Wing

A US Army Glider Trooper Wing. English made with faint maker marks for Gaunt London, pin back and in good condition.

Code: 56106

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WWII Parachute Regiment Beret

A WWII Para Beret in used and worn condition. Faint makers mark for Kangol Wear Limited with broad arrow. The date is not clear. Badge is very polished and worn cap badge with lug fittings. The beret is the "spun" early manufacture.

Code: 56016

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Parachute Beret with Artillery Cap Badge

A post war 1945/52 Para Beret in used and worn condition with a Kings Crown Artillery Cap Badge.

Code: 56019

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WWII Special Air Service Cap Badge

A variation WWII SAS cap badge used and removed from cap. Fully embroidered example with some staining and age. Removed from album with traces of paper/glue on the back.

Code: 56018

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Parachute Regiment Old Comrades Association Lapel Badge

Parachute Regiment Old Comrades Association Lapel Badge maker marked Gaunt London, please note Crown is missing on the top of the wing?

Code: 55925

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WWII US Army Para/Glider Trooper Cap Patch

WWII US Army Enlisted Para Glider Infantry Cap Patch, a scarce variation introduced in mid-late 1944. Fully embroidered in silk thread. Lighter blue border with age and wear.

Code: 55899

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WWII US Army Paratrooper Wing

A fine US Paratrooper Wing, pin back with safety catch in good used condition with age and patina.

Code: 55839

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15th Scotish Parachute Battalion TA

The tartan beret backing for the 15th Scots Parachute Battalion in un-issued condition.

The 15th (Scottish Volunteer) Parachute Battalion was an airborne infantry battalion of the Parachute Regiment, originally raised as 15th (King's) Parachute Battalion by the British Army in World War II.

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