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WWII Canadian Paratrooper Wings

Scarce Canadian Paratrooper wing, known as a type 2 1942/43 example, Canadian made on green wool. Embroidered with silk threads and in good un-issued condition.

Code: 55747

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WWII British Parachute Regiment Jump Wing

A WWII Parachute Jump Wing. Un-issued and in near mint condition. Scarce example with black threads to the back of the wing. Flat pattern.

Code: 55746

90.00 GBP

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WWII British Parachute Regiment Collar Insignia

A matching pair of Parachute Regiment collars with opposing lions, lug fittings and in good condition.

Code: 55745

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Queens Crown Parachute Regiment Cap Badge

Parachute Regiment Cap Badge with lug fittings and in good condition with voided crown.

Code: 55744

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Army Air Corps Glider Pilot Sweetheart Wing

WWII Army Air Corps Glider Pilot sweetheart in silver with a pin back fitting. In good condition.

Measures 2"

Code: 55725

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WWII Special Forces Wind Proof Smock and Trousers

A matching set of Smock and Trousers suit in un-issued condition. Made by Thomas Briggs LTD dated 1942 and with WD issue markings. Size 2 (see labels)

Issued to LRDG and troops in North Africa.

Code: 55606


US Army 101st Airborne Division Patch - Type 15

A WWII 101st Division "Screaming Eagles" Patch in good condition with separate tab. Known as a type 15 example.

During World War II, it was renowned for its role in Operation Overlord the D-Day landings and airborne landings on 6 June 1944, in Normandy, France, Operation Market Garden, the liberation of the Netherlands and, perhaps most famously, its action during the Battle of the Bulge around the city of Bastogne, Belgium and The Eagles Nest in Germany.

Code: 55488


Pair of British Airborne Formation Sign Patches

A scarce pair of British Airborne Formation sign patches. Early WWII printed examples that have been worn and removed from uniform with some light service wear.

Code: 55455


15th Scotish Parachute Battalion TA

The tartan beret backing for the 15th Scots Parachute Battalion in un-issued condition.

The 15th (Scottish Volunteer) Parachute Battalion was an airborne infantry battalion of the Parachute Regiment, originally raised as 15th (King's) Parachute Battalion by the British Army in World War II.

Code: 55323

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WWII U.S.Arrmy 82nd Airborne 505 PIR Warrant Officer Tunic

Here is a scare 82nd Airborne 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Warrant Officer tunic size is 38L dated 1942, one small nip (1/16") to the left side of the right pocket.
Fully badged with :-
1. English made 1st Allied Airborne patch.
2. Two piece 82nd Airborne patch,
3. Shoulder Warrant Officer ranks are pin back and maker marked Gaunt London.
4. English made Airborne oval for 505th PIR
5. English made Parachute wing, pin back and maker marked Guant London. Pin hook has been replaced.
5. Pin back Presidential Unit Citation, four overseas service bars,
6. Meritorious Service patch.
7. Pin Back Warrant Officer Branch of Service maker marked Gaunt London. Snowflake pattern acid test US Letters with Phinney clutch fittings.
8. Pin back three medal ribbon bar for Bronze Star, American Defence and ETO with arrow head and two campaign stars.
9. Three Fourragère shoulder cords. Belgian Red and Green Fourragère shoulder cords and the French Croix De Guerre Fourragère shoulder cord.

Also included is a WO garrision cap piped in silver/black with English made WO rank by Guant London completed with an English made Para/Glider cap patch sized at 7 3/8".

Tunic and cap are not named.

Warrant Officers were support specialists - not fighters in the combat branches (Armor, Artillery, Infantry, Air Defense) except for Combat Aviation - where they are pilots. Warrant Officers are typically engaged in supervising the work of enlisted technicians, equipment mechanics, and repair specialists. You do not find Warrant Officers forward of the Battalion rear area except on rare occasions.
Hence no Combat Infantry Award.

Code: 55193


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