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WWII Rare U.S. Air Corps Pilot Wing to an RAF Pilot

A super rare original grouping, RAF pilot trained in the USA, comprising of his U.S. Pilot Graduation Wing, pin back in Sterling Silver. Engraved to"H.P.Gibbons RAF dated October 1942, SEAAFTC" and includes the two book booklets and two period distintive insignia (one screw back and one pin back) and a copy of the combat report.

H P Gibbons trained in the USA gained his wings in Oct 1943 by Americans at the South East Army Air Force Training Command.

Flight Lieutenant Gibbons was with 168 Squadron when he was killed in action on 1/1/45 in action flying a Typhoon aircraft serial number MN486 and is buried in the Eindhoven Woensel Cemetery sadly he was only 24.

I have researched the casualty records in the National Archives and have a copy of the Personal Combat Report. It reads:-

"F/L Gibbons took off at 0906 hours for the purpose of conducting an air test on A/C QCD. He returned during the attack on the aerodrome and was seen by 1479766 LAC Whitfield R.W. (ME) to attack and a FW190 from behind and above. F/L Gibbons was then at 100 feet and the FW190 at 50 feet. The tail was seen to fly off the FW190 and it crashed into the ground. F/L Gibbons a/c also crashed he being attacked by another ememy a/c at the same time. LAC Whitfield was familiar with the Typhoon QCD and knew the F/L Gibbons was the pilot doing the air test"

Code: 51534

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WWII RAF Sgt Pilot trained in USA - Log book and Wings

A scarce grouping of items to an RAF Sgt Pilot H Hutchinson, trained at the Spartan School of Aeronautics No 3 British Flying Training School in Miami Oklahoma. Awarded wings 19th February 1945 just a bit too late to fly on operations. After the war he trained as a French teacher.

The grouping consists of the following:-
1 x Log book first entry December 1943 and completed training in 24th March 1945 with a total of 232 hours 57 minutes detailing all aspects of flying training. Arriving back in England July 3rd 1945.

1 x Period set of RAF Pilots Wings.
1 x Metal plate named certifying award of RAF wings.
1 x Small booklet from Spartan Flying School 14 pages of printed photo aspects of Flying training.

Code: 51537

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WWII RAF Sergeant Pilot Trained with the U.S.Navy in Pensacola USA

A rare grouping to an RAF Sergeant Pilot Jack Coller. Trained on flying boats by the U.S. Navy.

The grouping consists of the following :-
His graduation U.S. Navy Pilot Wing engraved
"Sgt J.J.Coller RAF 7-3-42 in sterling silver and 1/20th gold filled, pin back by Amico.
WWII RAF period RAF pilot wing removed from uniform penned on the reverse Coller.
One pair of Tropical RAF eagles in silk thread.
One pair of RAF regulation RAF eagles in silk thread.
One enlisted RAF cap badge.
Four King's crown RAF buttons 2 small and 2 large each example is in brass and bakelite.
Naval Aviator certificate named to "Sgt Pilot Jack J Toller" dated 3rd July 1942 it has been laminated measures 13 3/4" x 10" note the mis-spelling of Toller not Coller.
RAF photo dated June 1941 also laminated.
Photo of an RAF Sunderland Flying boat also laminated.

Code: 51535

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Early 1918 Pattern RAF Officer's Cap Badge

An early RAF Officers cap badge in wire bullion thread with a gilt eagle, padded and removed from cap.

Code: 52888

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WWII Royal Air Force Spitfire Pilot Casualty Log Book

Royal Canadian Air Force 72 Squadron Spitfire Pilot Casualty Log Book.
To Sgt Pilot Alan Mottram entries from June 1941 until December 1942.
Also includes the official release slip for the log book.
Sgt Motterham is buried in the Medjez-El-Bab war cemetery.

Entries from June 9th 1941 detail training on Stearman - Fairchild - Vultee - North American Texan -Master II - and Spitfire I and II - De Havilland Dominie and Tigermoth.
Posted to 72 Squadron to Biggin Hill on 1st August 1942.
Arrived North Africa 16th November 1942.
Flew patrols and sweeps then listed as Missing 4th December 1942.

Code: 53513


WWII Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing

Here is a genuine and unusual WWII padded RAF pilot wing converted to a Royal Flying Corps pilot wing. In excellent condition.

This has achieved by taking a standard RAF pilot wing and converting it to a RFC wing as is clear on the back image. It is a period tailored item.

It would be worn by ex-WWI RFC pilot officer's serving in WWII making them standout and making a point about their proud service in WWI.

Code: 53512

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WWII Royal Air Force Pilots Wings

A fine period example of early WWII RAF Pilot wing, flat type, used and used removed from uniform with service wear.

Code: 53511

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WWII Royal Air Force Pilots Wings

An original RAF pilot wing padded sewn onto a brass backing plate with loop fittings and split pin.

Code: 53510

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Royal Air Force Mk8 Goggles - RAF Stores Ref:22c/930.

A good period original boxed set of RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles complete with spare set of lenses and a tin containing anti dimming outfit in very good condition. Packed in box by Lep Transport Ltd. RAF Stores Ref:22c/930.

Code: 53509

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Royal Air Force Tropical/Desert Shoulder Titles

A matching pair of RAF titlesused and removed from uniform with service wear.

Code: 53465

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