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Vietnam Made 1st Aviation Company 138th Aviation Company

Locally machined, made in country patch. fully embroidered on blue twill with a cheese cloth backing. Removed from uniform with light wear.

Vietnam deployment began on 23 June 1967 and was completed upon arrival at the Naval Air Facility at Cam Ranh Bay on 30 June 1967. On arrival in-country, the 1st Army Security Agency Company (Aviation) was assigned the cover designation of 1st Radio Research Company (Aviation). The 1st Army Security Agency Flew classified missions for 5th Special Forces.

After the Company became operational in Vietnam, more than 900 officers and men served this elite unit.

The mission of the 1st Army Security Agency Company was important to both tactical and strategic units who expressed their appreciation for the valuable intelligence provided. The missions flown were not removed from the hazards of war, for on Easter Sunday, 14 April 1969, enemy 37mm antiaircraft gunners scored a hit on an RP-2E causing extensive damage to the aircraft.
Deployed: 21 June 1967
Cover Designation: 1st Radio Research Company (Aviation)
Assigned Command: 224th Aviation Battalion (Radio Research)
Supported Command: MACV*
Location: Cam Rahn Bay
Inactivated: 30 April 1972
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 1**, 5-17
Vietnam Honors: 2 MUCs and 1 RVN CGP
From Mar 1971 to Apr 1972, a detachment from the 146th Avn Co was attached to the 1st Aviation

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Vietnam Made Patch for the 118th Assault Motorpool

A hand and machine made applique style patch for the 118th Assault Helicopterb Company Motor Pool.
Novelty patch measures 4 5/8" x 3 1/8"

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Vietnam Made 173rd Aviation Company Helicopter Assault

Here we have a quality hand made patch embroidered on white twill on a cheese cloth backing. Measures 4" x 3 3/4"

The mission of the 173rd Assault Helicopter Company was to provide tactical air movement of combat troops in airmobile operations, and to provide tactical air movement of combat supplies and equipment. The 173rd Aviation Company (Airmobile) (Light) was activated on 1 September 1965 and was initially assigned to the 10th Aviation Group at Fort Benning, GA. The 173rd Avn Co (Airmobile) (Light) remained at Fort Benning for organization and training until January 1966 when it began deployment to Vietnam. February 1966 and arrived in Vung Tau, Vietnam 10 March 1966. The 173rd was assigned to the 1st Aviation Bridge's 11th Combat Aviation Battalion at Phu Loi and made their base at Lai Khe. The 173rd supported elements of the 1st, 9th and 25th Infantry Divisions in the III Corps, in the Tactical Zone north of Saigon.

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Vietnam Made Viet Cong Hunting Club Patch

An scarce original in-country machine made patch.
Measures 4" x 3 3/4"

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Vietnam Made Viet Cong Hunting Club Patch

A scarce original variation made in-country patch
applique construction with machine embroidery.

Measures 3 5/8"

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Vietnam Made Playboys Charlie Company Patch

Vietnam locally made patch subdued applique made with embroidery. Used and removed from uniform.
Measures 3 1/8"

334th Aerial Weapons Company 1st Flight Platoon Guns "Playboys" Bien Hoa

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Vietnam War Games Novelty Patch

A period original Vietnam made War Games patch embroidered with applique sections.

Measures 3 5/8"

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Vietnam Made 335th Aviation Squadron

A locally made pocket patch for the 335th Aviation Armed Helicopter Squadron. Hand embroidered on cream twill material with a cheese cloth backing.
Measures 4" x 3"

"Falcon" patch from the guns platoon. The 335th AHC was originally "A" Company, 82nd Aviation Battalion, then the 335th Aviation Company (Airmobile, Light) before being re-named the 335th Assault Helicopter Company. The company call sign was "Cowboys," the 1st Airlift Platoon was the "Ramrods," the 2nd Airlift Platoon was the "Mustangs," and the 3rd Armed Helicopter Platoon was the "Falcons". Falcon patch with the falcon patterned on the Atlanta Falcons logo. Also, in late 1967 the squadron painted the Atlanta-style falcon in gray on the noses (battery compt. door) of our gunships. Based at Bien Hoa

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Vietnam Made 336th Assault Gunships Patch

Locally period hand made 336 Assault Gunships patch,cheese cloth backing. Measures 3 1/4"

The 336th AHC were based in Soc Trang Vietnam from April 1965 to September 1966 as "A" Company, 101st Aviation Battalion. In September 1966 when the 101st Airborne moved to I Corps, the company went with them, activated as the 336th AHC and remained in Soc Trang until October 1971 when it departed Vietnam. It was the last aviation unit at Soc Trang.

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Vietnam Handmade 165th Transportation Company Sword Sharpener

Here is a hand made embroidered 165th Transportation Company Patch.
Measures 3 3/4" x 4"

The 165th Transportation Company moved from Bien Hoa to Phu Loi. Serving units in the Bien Hoa, Long Binh and Saigon areas, the "Sword Sharpeners" provide supply and maintenance support to more than 275 aircraft.

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