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Vietnam Era U.S. Marines ERDL Boonie

An ERDL Boonie in worn condition with service wear and tear. Silk Vietnam Marines patch on the left with US Marines tape to the front. Probably an advisor.

Code: 55180

295.00 GBP

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Vietnam Service Medal - Boxed

An original issue Vietnam Service Medal and medal ribbon boxed and dated 1969.

Full size, several in stock

Code: 55036

8.00 GBP

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USSF Special Forces Task Force A362 Scroll

Here is a rare Vietnam locally made USSF A362 scroll.
with age and wear.

A-362 team operated at Tay Ninh province part of SOG and Mike Force.

Code: 55035

100.00 GBP

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Vietnam "Coup Qualified" SOG Title

Hand made locally a "Coup Qualified" Arc.

February 1965, General Nguyen Van Thieu joined forces with Air Vice Marshall Nguyen Cao Ky in a coup d'etat against General Nguyen Khanh's Government )

Code: 55034

45.00 GBP

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Vietnam SOG Jump WIng in Cloth

A locally made hand embroidered SOG wing on ERDL material.

Measures 2 " x 1"

Code: 55033

45.00 GBP

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Vietnam Made APL 30 Vietnam Patch

Here is a scarce APL 30 Vietnam patch, locally hand machine made patch in applique construction.
A large patch measuring 5" tall by 4 13/16" wide

Auxiliary Personnel Lighter (APL-30) is a Navy barge that has no engines. Although APL-30 has no means of self-propulsion, she does have two boilers for steam and hot water, and evaporators for making over 24,000 gallons of drinking water daily. She has two generators for electricity and air condition. In addition, the barracks barge has a minor surgery ward and sick bay for patients.

APL-30 went to work for the Navy’s Task Force 117, as a hotel for boat crews and Army infantry soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division (Riverine Infantry) of the Mobile Riverine Force.

Code: 54931

95.00 GBP

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U.S. Naval Forces Vietnam Patch

Here we have a locally made in Vietnam hand machined patch in applique construction and in very good condition. With printed paper back. Scarce original example.

The U.S. Navy performed a wide array of missions in the Vietnam War. In the air, it was a key partner with the U.S. Air Force during the Rolling Thunder and Linebacker air campaigns against North Vietnam, and in other air operations in Laos and Cambodia. On the coast, it developed a highly effective blockade to prevent the resupply of enemy forces by sea, engaged in naval gunfire support missions against enemy targets in the littoral areas of Vietnam, and provided amphibious transport for Marines operating in I Corps. On the rivers, it stood up several task forces designed to protect commercial traffic, assist allied ground forces in pacifying these areas, and interdict enemy troops and supplies moving on these inland waterways. The U.S. Navy also supported the war effort with a massive sea and riverine logistics operation, built and managed shore facilities throughout South Vietnam, and provided extensive medical support for the allied military operation

Code: 54930

95.00 GBP

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U.S.Army Compass and Belt Pouch

A Vietnam era U.S.Army Compass and Belt Pouch in good condition with some service wear. Dated 30 jUne 1971.

Code: 54845


Vietnam Made ERDL Jungle Jacket

A rare Vietnam made by a Saigon tailor on To Do Street. A well made garment in ERDL cammo. Some light fading.

Big Size XL

Code: 54755


U.S.Army Vietnam Jungle Jacket

A good Jungle Jacket dated 1968, badged with 10th Psy Ops silk pocket patch, an ARVN Major rank, U.S, Major and Medical branch of service to the collars anf a Military Assistance Command patch in subdued.
Name tapes have been removed.

Code: 54754

145.00 GBP

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