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American ERDL Jacket and Trousers Set

An American ERDL Rip Stop jacket and trousers set. Four pocket jacket, badged and named in good condition. Jacket dated 1969 size is medium regular 37" to 41"
The trousers are a later issue 1977 waist maximum is 31" to 35" again in good condition.

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U.S.Army Vietnam Pilot Grouping - CW2

Please note Bank transfer required on this grouping

A large grouping to a Vietnam Warrant Officer, an Attack Helicopter and fixed wing pilot who was a two tour vet that served in Vietnam with 118 AHC in 66-68, 138 AVN in 69-70, 144 AVN in 70-71.

The grouping consists of the following items:-
1. A set of Class A (Greens) uniform, fully badged jacket, dated 1971 with 101st patch, medal ribbons, aviator pilot wings and name tag. In a regular size 42. Some wear to the left collar. Trousers in a size short 37 x 32 dated 1967.

2. Dress Blues uniform, jacket badged with Warrant Officer shoulder boards and U.S. and warrant insignia to the lapels.in a size 42. Trousers size 36.

3. Set of OG107 utilities shirt in a size 15 1/2" x 33. Badged with a period Vietnam locally made 118th Helicopter Assault Company patch. Cloth fight wings, warrant officer rank, name and U.S. army tapes, two buttons missing, with a pair of OG107 trousers in good condition.

4. Set of OG 107 Utilities. The shirt has direct in country embroidered name, U.S.Army, aviator wings and rank insignia on the collars. Pocket hanger to the 146th Aviation Company again hand embroidered in country large size at 4 1/4" encased in plastic. Sleeve patches are 1st Aviation Brigade and Aviation school. Size at 15 1/2" With a pair of trousers in good condition.

5. A Vietnam light weight party shirt embroidered Birdwatcher 3 for the 118th AHC. Two buttons missing.

6. Used Gentex APH-5 Flight Helmet, large size, single Visor by GENTEX, Vietnam era with carry bowling bag dated 1966 all zips working. Wired with boom mic and ear phones in a large size. Comes with spare inner pads and has been re-painted.

7. Bundle of orders, awards and miscellaneous paperwork relating to the pilot.

8. One named dog tag, certificate of service (laminated), service record for early military service (laminated) and photo of a BBQ in Vietnam together with a portrait view.

9. Vietnam phrase book dated July 1962, Helicopter crew checklist for OH-58A dated July 1971.

10. Award plaque presented to CW3 Bennett for service Mar 73 - May 75.

11. Bag cloth insignia various rank, MACV, Pilot, name tape, 1st Aviation, 56th Aviation co, 101st Airborne, Life support sea survival and a PACAF Parasail qualified patch.

Code: 54728

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Vietnam Era Konwal Lighter

A good Vietnam era Lighter maker marked Konwal Japan. River Squadron 1 to the front and engraved with River Patrol Section 532 boat 22. In good usable condition with some light wear.

Code: 54686


Vietnam Era Zippo Lighter

A veterans Zippo, engraved with "River 554 Division"
to the front and plain on the back. Zippo dated for 1967 and in good working order with some wear.

Code: 54685


Vietnam Era Zippo Lighter

A well worn Zippo lighter, engraved with 35th Infantry crest to the front and veterans comment to the back. In used condition with a not very good repair and solder spot on one edge. Zippo marks for the date 1967. Would make a display piece and not for use.

In August 1965, elements of the 35th Infantry started their rotation into the Vietnam War, arriving in South Vietnam. The 1st and 2d battalions, along with the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, and the 2d Battalion, 9th Artillery provided the core combat units of the 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division and were deployed to the Central Highlands at Pleiku. Final units arrived by Christmas 1965. The battalions of the 35th Infantry were heavily engaged from January 1966 until 1972 throughout the I Corps and II Corps areas of operations (the Central Highlands and central coastal areas of Vietnam). In August 1967, operational control of the two battalions of the 35th Infantry and all of the other parts of the 3d Brigade were transferred from the 25th Infantry Division to the 4th Infantry Division (which had deployed to the Central Highlands in late 1966).

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U.S. Army Vietnam - Locally made Colour Patch

Locally made un-official 1st Infantry Division patch. Cut out from uniform, retains OG ripstop material in the back. Hand machine made in the applique style.

Code: 54687

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U.S. Navy Coastal Squadron One Badge

An original Coastal Squadron One Swift Boat pocket badge. Made in country. The enamel has service wear to the front(see image)

Coast Guard Squadron One, also known in official message traffic as COGARDRON ONE or RONONE, was a combat unit formed by the United States Coast Guard in 1965 for service during the Vietnam War. Placed under the operational control of the United States Navy, it was assigned duties in Operation Market Time. Its formation marked the first time since World War II that Coast Guard personnel were used extensively in a combat environment. Swift boats continued to operate along the Vietnamese coastal areas, but their primary area of operations soon centered upon the Mekong Delta area in the southern tip of Vietnam

Code: 54682

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U.S. Navy Vietnam - 511 PBR Patch

Here is a locally made in country "Brown Water Navy" pocket patch. Used and removed from uniform with service wear still in good condition.

Measures 3 5/8" x 2 5/8"

Vietnam Brown Water Navy operations in the central reaches of the Mekong Delta began on 8 May 1966, when PBR section 511 of River Division 51 at Can Tho patrolled a stretch of the Bassac River. Soon afterwards other units initiated surveillance of the upper Mekong and the My Tho, Ham Luong, and Co Chien arms of the mighty river that emptied into the South China Sea.

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Vietnam Special Forces - Recon Team Trowel

Scarce hand machined patch. Command and Control South, Recon Team Trowel. In good condition near mint original.

Special forces personnel began serving in the Republic of Vietnam in 1957. During the early days of the Vietnam military build up, President Kennedy sent Special Forces Units to South Vietnam in a special advisory capacity. In September 1962, United States Special Forces, Vietnam (Provisional) was formed from members of the First Group, stationed on Okinawa, and the Fifth and Seventh Groups from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The soldiers, operating in small units, created many patch designs, which were locally manufactured and, in many cases, handmade. The first insignia, of course, was the beret flash, which combined the yellow from the first group, black from the Fifth, and red from the Seventh and incorporated them with a bend with bendlets that represented the flag of the Republic of Vietnam. This flash, designed by Colonel George Morton, eventually became the insignia of the Fifth Special Forces Group. Popular among the recon teams known as "Mike Force," which is the universal corruption of "Mobile Strike Force," was the use of state names, some of which appear here. As state names were used up, names

Code: 54680

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U.S. Army Vietnam - Locally Special Forces Team Patch

A scarce Command and Control North Team patch, embroidered on newspaper, some age and wear.

RT WASP was part of Command and Control North. Command and Control North (CCN) was formed by MACV-SOG in late 1967 as an expansion of its Da Nang Forward Operations Base (FOB) which included launch sites established as early as 1964 at Hue - Phu Bai, Khe Sanh and Kham Duc. CCN, the largest of the three MACV-SOG field commands (the other two were CCC and CCS),warfare missions into Laos and North Vietnam. CCN was organized along the lines of CCC and was composed of Spike recon teams (RT),

Code: 54679

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