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101st Airborne Patch with Tab

A current issue 101st Airborne Infantry Division patch with separate tab in good condition.

Have several in stock various types

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82nd Airborne Infantry Division Patch

A current issue 82nd Airborne patch with separate tab in good condition.

Have several in stock

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Vietnam Era Mk2 Ka-Bar Fighting Knife -1/9 Marines

A good USMC Vietnam period Ka-Bar Mk2 Fighting Knife in used condition with leather sheaf has a Marine Corps Vietnam made beer can attached for the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines.
The blade is engraved 1st Battalion 9th Marines with various numbers to the rear of the sheaf and maker marked U.S.Conetta.

Measures length of sheaf with knife 13"
Knife overall 12"

During the Vietnam War, the unit earned the name "The Walking Dead" for its high casualty rate.The battalion endured the longest sustained combat and suffered the highest killed in action (KIA) rate in Marine Corps history, The battalion was engaged in combat for 47 months and 7 days, from 15 June 1965 to 19 October 1966 and 11 December 1966 to 14 July 1969. Based on a typical battalion strength of 800 Marines and Navy hospital corpsmen, 2,892 Marines passed through the unit over those 47 months with 747 were Killed In Action (KIA) and 2 were Missing In Action.

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U.S. Army 326th Medical Battalion Airborne Oval

A 1960's Vietnam era 326th oval, embroidered on white twill on a cheese cloth backing, in near mint condition.

Assigned to the 101st Airborne Division.

Measures 2 1/4" x 1 7/16"

Code: 53765

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South Vietnamese Special Forces Pocket Hanger

A good period second pattern ARVN LLDB silk woven patch plastic pocket hanger. Worn by U.S. Army advisors.

As the Viet Cong threat grew in intensity from 1957 on, the need developed for counter-insurgency troops which could meet the guerrilla in his own jungle and swamp lairs. The Luc Luong Dac Biet (LLDB), the Vietnamese Special Forces were created and patterned after the U.S. Special Forces, adopting their distinctive green berets. Assisted by U.S. Special Forces advisers, the LLDB command the CIDG companies -- 45,000 specially trained warriors, most of them minority-group tribesmen from the jungled mountains -- now manning small, scattered border outposts along the infiltration trails and deep inside the uncultivated back country.

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Vietnam U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division Patch

A locally made 4th Infantry patch, machine made on white twill material.

The 4th Infantry Division deployed to Pleiku, Vietnam on 25 September 1966 and served more than four years, returning 8 December 1970. Two brigades operated in the Central Highlands/II Corps Zone, but its 3rd Brigade, including the division's armor battalion, was sent to Tây Ninh Province northwest of Saigon to take part in Operation Attleboro (September to November 1966), and later Operation Junction City (February to May 1967), both in War Zone C. After nearly a year of combat, the 3rd Brigade's battalions officially became part of the 25th Infantry Division in exchange for the battalions of the 25th's 3rd Brigade, then in Quảng Ngãi Province as part of the division-sized Task Force Oregon.

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U.S. Army Special Forces Oval with Jump Wings

Here is a Vietnam era Special Forces Oval and Jump Wing with combat jump star. Together with a Vietnam made Paratrooper jump insignia.

The oval is embroidered yellow on a twill teal green material, the back is cheese cloth. The jump wing has the D22 mark and is fitted to the oval by bending the clutch posts and a combat jump star fitted to the center. Both items are used, removed from uniform some service fading and wear.

Code: 53721

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U.S. Army Special Forces Patch

A Vietnam era example, Special Forces patch and separate Airborne tab, flat cut edge, mint examples.

Code: 53720


Vietnam War U.S. Army Thailand Command Patch

A scarce subdued U.S. Army Thailand Command patch. Thai made example in good condition, removed from uniform.

Measures 3" x 3 3/4"

During the Vietnam war Thailand was allied to Vietnam and American Forces were based in country. Thailand’s attitudes and actions towards the Vietnam War was best described by Thai Foreign Minister, Thanat Khoman in an interview to the ABC Scope program in May 1967. He explained that Thailand was very much a voluntary and active participant in the Vietnam War. His reasoning behind these actions was both as a means of defense of its own borders as well as helping to bring stability to the region as a whole.

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Vietnam Made 358th Aviation Detachment Patch

A good hand embroidered patch on twill material, some age and wear, removed from uniform.

Measures 3 7/8" x 3 1/16"

The 358th's mission was to provide transportation for the 525th MI in all four Corps areas. The HQ and maintenance were located at Vung Tau, along with single U-21 and a beaver. The helicoptor assets were based at Danang, Nha Trang and Can Tho.

Code: 53714


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