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498th Air Evacuation Squadron Patch

Here is an early pattern 498th Air Evac patch. Later patches were titled "Dust Off" Fully embroidered with some wear and age.

Measures 4 3/8" x 2 3/4"

On 23 September 1964, the unit was activated as an air ambulance company at Fort Sam Houston, Texas and deployed to Vietnam. Returned to the states in October 1971

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U.S.Army Vietam Made 5th Battalion 69th Infantry Patch

Here is a Vietnam locally made Alpha Company "Devils" Patch in very good condition, measures 4"

This unit was 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, 3rd "Go Devil" Brigade, 9th Infantry Division

Three battalions (2/60, 3/60, and 5/60 Mechanized) were activated at Fort Riley, Kansas, and assigned to the 9th Infantry Division for its deployment to the Republic of Vietnam in December 1966. The 9th Division was the only major U.S. combat unit to conduct operations in the Mekong Delta. On 13 September 1968, the 5th/60th Mech was "swapped" with the 1st/16th of the 1st Infantry Division. From then until August 1970, the 5th/60th operated as a "straight leg" infantry unit. The battalions of the 60th Infantry participated in both Riverine operations and "jitterbug tactics" which featured split-second timing of Airmobile insertions in close proximity to enemy units. These operations enabled the battalions to be awarded unit citations and campaign streamers, including one Presidential Unit Citation. Beginning with the 3rd Brigade in July 1969, the 9th Infantry Division was the first US Division to be withdrawn from Vietnam. [Although 'Old Reliables' were returning to the United States, from the Summer of 1969 on into the Fall of 1970, units of the 3rd Brigade remained in the Mekong Delta; operating under the command of the 25th Infantry Division in Cu Chi] The Division returned to Ft. Lewis, Washington, in 1970 where its battalions were inactivated.

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U.S.Army 2nd Infantry Brigade Patch

A used and removed from uniform 2nd Infantry patch.

On 12 July 1965, the 2nd Brigade landed at Cam Ranh Bay and Vung Tau, making it the first element of an Infantry Division to arrive in Vietnam. The brigade returned to Fort Riley, Kansas in April 1970.

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U.S.Army 173rd Airborne Brigade Patch

A used Vietnam era 173rd Airborne Patch with separate tab in used condition and removed from uniform.

The brigade was the first major United States Army ground formation deployed in Vietnam, serving there from 1965 to 1971 and losing almost 1,800 soldiers. Noted for its roles in Operation Hump and Operation Junction City, the 173d is best known for the Battle of Dak To, where it suffered heavy casualties in close combat with North Vietnamese forces. Brigade members received over 7,700 decorations, including more than 6,000 Purple Hearts.

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Vietnam Era Ranolph Aviator Sunglasses

A Classic pair of Randolph Aviator Sunglasses.
This make and style was popular with Army and Navy Aviators in Vietnam 1965's/70's. Good condition but no case.

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Vietnam 3rd Marine Division Grouping with Rare Beret/Utility Cap

This grouping consists of the following items:-
1. A super rare Nam made ERDL pattern Cammo Beret with a theater made 3rd Marines patch to the front and then inside is a Trigerstripe fold out peak, which converts the beret into a Marine Corps utility cap. Used and worn condition.
I have never seen this in 40 years of collecting/dealing.
2. Next is a 3rd Re Con Bn patch theater machine made patch. Measures 4 1/2" x 3 /2"
3. A smaller 3rd REcon Bn Patch theater made. Measures 3" x 3 1/2".
4. Nam made beercan to the 1st Force Recon with clutch back fittings.
5. Marine Corps collar insignia and a Corporal collar rank in subdued.
6. 1st Recon DI with clutch back fittings.
7. Marine Corps wooden plaque measures 4" x 4"
8. Two period photographs of troops wearing Tigerstripe and ERDL.

The 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, were the first Marines to be sent to Vietnam in March 1965 to protect the Da Nang Air Base. On 6 May 1965, the 3rd Marine Division opened the Marine Compound at the Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam. By the end of 1965 the division had all its regiments 3rd Marines, 4th Marines and 9th Marines on the ground. Major operations in 1967 and early 1968 in this area were Operation Prairie III, Operation Prairie IV, Operation Hickory I, Operation Cimarron, Operation Buffalo, Operation Kingfisher and Operation Kentucky.

The Marines suffered over 1400 killed and over 9,000 wounded. There were five Medals of Honor awarded and nearly 40 Navy Crosses given during this period of time. For extraordinary heroism in the Republic of Vietnam from 8 March 1965 to 15 September 1967, the division was awarded the Navy Presidential Unit Citation.Departed Vietnam November 69.

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Rare Vietnam "Tiger Force" Grouping

The grouping consists of the following items:-
1. Vietnam in country made Tigerstripe beret in used, faded and worn condition. Pinned to the front is a Vietnam made 101st Airborne beercan insignia.
2. Hand machine made "1 Tiger Force 327 Airborne" patch in un-used mint condition.
3. A standard 101st patch with separate tab.
4. Two period photographs. The group has "Vietnam 1968 Camp Eagle 101sr Recon" typed on the back.

Tiger Force was the name of a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit of the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 327th Infantry, 1st Brigade (Separate), 101st Airborne Division, which fought in the Vietnam War from 1966. The platoon-sized unit, approximately 45 paratroopers, founded in November 1965 to "outguerrilla the guerrillas". Tiger Force (Recon) 1-327th was a highly decorated small unit in Vietnam, and paid for its reputation with heavy casualties. In October 1968, Tiger Force's parent battalion was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation by President Lyndon B. Johnson, which included a mention of Tiger Force's service at Đắk Tô in June 1966. Tiger Force has been subject of investigations for war crimes.

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Vietnam Task Force 115 Coastal Division 12 Grouping

Coastal Division 12 operated Swift Boats or PCF's out of DaNang from January 1966 until February 1970 when it transferred it's assets to the Vietnam Navy.
This grouping consists of the following items:-
1. Vietnam made Beret, with Saigon tailor label, local made beret flash for US Naval Forces Vietnam encased in plastic and Vietnam Rank Lotus Blossom for Trung-Uy or U.S. Lieutenant.
2. Coastal Division 12 Plaque on stand measures 11" Tall by 8" wide.
3. 12 Division Zippo Style Lighter by Dalmin.
4. Coastal Squadron One Swift badge with plastic clutch fittings.
5. Two photographs taken on the U.S.Navy handover parade to the RVN Navy February 1970.

Code: 54121

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U.S.Army Special Forces Oval

A early 1960's U.S.Army Special Forces Para oval. Embroidered on twill in mint condition.

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Vietnam Rangers Items

75th Ranger Arc embroidered on twill in mint condition with a Vietnam tab and a Ranger metal arc with clutch back fittings.

Code: 54105


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