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WWII U.S. Navy Insignia

Here is an Officer's Garrison cap badge in sterling silver and 1/20 gold filled by Imperial, pin back. Together with two different 2nd Lieutenant Rank bars pin back fitting.

Code: 53995

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WWII U.S. Navy Nursing Corps Collars Insignia

A matching pair of Navy Nursing Corps insignia, gilt finish, pin back with safety clasp in sterling silver.

Code: 53958

85.00 GBP

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WWII U.S. Navy Pilot Officer Named and Attributed Grouping

Here we have a large USN Pilot Group Lt Theodore "Ted" Eskild who served in the Pacific with the VC80 Squadron flying torpedo bomber fighters on the USS Manila Bay Escort carrier on WWII.
Service Record - Operations in the Pacific
Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign,
Western New Guinea campaign,
Battle off Samar,
Battle of Mindoro,
Invasion of Lingayen Gulf,
Operation Magic Carpet
Awards: 8 Battle stars

Consisting of the following items:-
1. Named to T.Eskild - Green Service Dress uniform, black braided rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade line Officer to the lower sleeves and Bullion Pilot Wings. In excellent condition jacket and trousers no moth.
2. USN Visor Cap named in excellent condition with an Officers badge on a cap band in sterling silver maker marked Viking.
3. Green Navy Garrison cap in good condition, no moth with pin back sterling Lt. rank to the right and pin back sterling Officer insignia to the left. Made by Gemsco branded "Top Flighter" and named.Sized at 7 1/8"
4. Summer Flying Helmet in used condition with service wear, fully wired with Type TH37A receivers and with issue label by Buaero, size 7 1/8" with leather chin strap.
5. Pair of An 6530 Flyers Goggles in good condition as worn, missing the elastic head strap.
6. A framed photographs. One is a formal picture of trainee pilots in uniform. Marked on the back Ted Eskild 2nd row from right pilot training Pensecola Fl.
6. Framed photo of squadron pilots in flight gear on the deck of the carrier posing in front of a Vought F4U Corsair. marked on the back composite squadron VC80 Ted Eskild first row far left USS Manila Bay escort carrier.
7. Un-framed photo of flight school squadron pilots posing in front of an aircraft (could be a SBD Dauntless
A-24 Banshee) autographed by the pilots Ted Eskild is 1st row 2nd from right.

Code: 53921

850.00 GBP

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U.S. Navy - Scuba Divers Qualified Badges

US Navy Enlisted in silver and Officers in gold Scuba badge with clutch back fittings.

Sold as two badges they measure 1" x 1"

Code: 53888

8.00 GBP

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U.S. Navy Under Water Demolishion Team 21 Tape

Scarce originals. Underwater Demolition Team 21 UDT 21 Fatigue Frogman Navy Tape Patch / SEALs.
A mint tape in good condition.

Have 4 only in stock.

Code: 53854

35.00 GBP

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WWII United States Navy Officer Cap Badge

A USN Officer cap badge, two piece construction in sterling silver and 1/20th 10K gold filled.

Code: 53851


WWII United States Navy Officer Cap Badge

A quality full size two piece construction US Navy Officer cap badge in 1/10th 10K gold filled. Aged and tarnished (you may wish to polish this one) maker marked LBG

Code: 53850

50.00 GBP

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WWII United States Navy Pilot Wings

A set of two Navy Pilot wings.
1. A full size USN wing, pin back with safety clasp, maker marked Amico sterling + 1/20th-10K. Measures 2 3/4".

2. A miniature wing, pin back with safety catch maker marked Imperial. Measures 1 1/2"

Sold as 2 items.

Code: 53761


United States Navy Officer's Garrision Cap Badge

USN Officer Garrison cap badge, maker marked Vanguard and 1/20th 10K filled. Clutch back fittings.

Measures 1 1/8" x 1 1/4"

Code: 53751

8.00 GBP

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United States Navy Flight Observer Wing

A USN Flight Observer wing, pin back, marked on the back 1/20th 10K GF (gold filled).

Measures 2 3/4"

Naval Aviation Observer insignia granted to non-pilot/non-NFO aviation mission specialists such as in-flight Meteorologists or for Naval Intelligence or Cryptology officers who regularly fly as crew on selected naval aircraft.

Code: 53658

30.00 GBP

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