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Tiger Meet 1971 Upper-Heyford Patch

A scarce origin Gerrman Air Force Jagdbomberstaffel 431 Sqd.Tiger-Meet patch in very good condition given it is 47 year age. Embroidered on felt.
Measures 5 1/4" x 3 5/8"

The NATO Tiger Association or the Association of Tiger Squadrons was established in 1961.

The USAFE (United States Air Force Europe) 79th TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron) took the initiative and on 19 July 1961 they invited No. 74 Squadron RAF and EC (Fighter Squadron) 1/12 Provence of the French Armée de l'air to Woodbridge in England. France was then a full military member of NATO.

The squadrons included in the Association are 24 full members, 10 honorary members, and 7 disbanded members, all of which have a tiger as part of its squadron crest. As well as being opportunities for NATO air forces to share ideas and experiences, the ‘Tiger Meets’ are also public relations exercises for NATO. NATO aircraft are often brightly painted with tiger stripes.

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Tiger Meet 1991 Fairford Patch

A good scarce Tiger Meet 1971 Patch for the Fairford meet. Fully embroidered.

Measures 4" x 3 3/8"

Code: 54235

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Royal Air Force - Early Queens Crown Pilot Wing

A rare early 1950's RAF Pilot Wing, padded type in excellent condition.

Code: 53931

35.00 GBP

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Royal Air Force 1950's Pilot Wing

An issue RAF Pilot Queens Crown used and padded with four snap fit poppers on the back for easy removal from uniform. Used with wear to the front of the wing.

Code: 53577

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Early Queens Crown Royal Air Force Pilot Wing

An early 50's padded example of the RAF Pilot Wing in almost mint condition.

Code: 53199

45.00 GBP

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Royal Air Force Enlisted Cap Badges - Queens Crown

Two badges here for the one price:- Both loop fittings
1. RAF enlisted in gilt finish.
2. RAF enlisted in anodised finish

Code: 52678

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RAF Queens Crown Pilot Wing

An early mess dress minature pilot's wing in bullion, removed from uniform, measures 2 1/2"

Code: 51781

35.00 GBP

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Post War RAF Pilot Wing

Early Queens crown padded pilot wing, press studs sewn on rear, good used example.

Code: 50522

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RAF Mixed Lot of Badges

Lot includes seven cloth badges, two different pairs of senior aircraftsman, one pair of junior aircraftsman and a single leading aircraftsman.

Code: 50414

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Selection of RAF Badges

Comprising of nine different RAF badges including Queens Crown Warrant Officers insignia, All in good condition.

Code: 50412

10.00 GBP

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