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Home Front Fire Guard Armband

A home front Fire Guard armband, printed version in good condition.

Code: 56364


Home front Fire Guard Armband

A home front printed Fire Guard in good condition.

Code: 56365


Home Front Fire Guard Arm band

Fire Guard arm band, embroidered letters and in good condition.

Code: 56363


Home front Road Repairs Arm Band

Emergency Road Repairs arm band in near mint condition.

Foot note - Boy could we use this crew coming back in 2021!!!!

Code: 56362


Civil Defence Corps Welfare Arm Band

Here is a Civil Defence Welfare Arm Band in good condition.

Measures overall 17 3/4”

Code: 56205


Dorset Shoulder Titles

A pair of Dorset slip on shoulder titles.. One has slight moth nips as shown in image 3.

Code: 56112

20.00 GBP

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British Army Mortar Man Trade Badge

British Mortar Man trade badge in good condition embroidered on a hessian backing.

Code: 56104

18.00 GBP

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British Army Wireless Operator Trade Badge

British Army Wireless Operator trade badge. Used and removed from uniform with light service wear. Fully embroidered on wool with a hessian backing.

Two in stock as at 27/3/21

Code: 56103

15.00 GBP

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Mobile Defence Corps Title

British 1950's Mobile Defense Force Title. Removed from uniform with some age and wear.

Code: 56058

8.00 GBP

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WW1 Derby Scheme Kitchener’s Army Arm Band.

A good khaki wool example with scarlet felt crown. The interior with issue stamp. See back image for wear detail.

Code: 56011

35.00 GBP

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