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Irvin Replica by The Cockpit Clothing Company

Here is another Irvin Flying Jacket, in very good little worn condition, a good wearable jacket and well made, leather in in good condition as the sheepskin fleece,no rips or tears in a size 36.

Code: 54047

199.00 GBP

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American Avirex A2 Leather Flying Jacket

Here is a genuine 20 year old Avirex A2 Leather Jacket in good condition, vintage aged and worn but not worn out. Leather is supple with no rips or tears, The two front pockets have functional slit pockets set behind them, it has been relined some years ago by Gary Eastman.

Size is small (American small is generous)

It was purchased in the USA for $399.00, still has the original labels and even the Avirex coat hanger.

Code: 54045

125.00 GBP

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Irvin Replica by The Cockpit Clothing Company

An Irvin Flying Jacket, in very good little worn condition, a good wearable jacket and well made, leather in in good condition as the sheepskin fleece,no rips or tears in a size 40.

Code: 54046

199.00 GBP

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U.S.Army Air Force B-15 Flying Jacket 14th Bomb Squadron

An original USAAF B-15 Flying Jacket to a 1st Lieutenant flying with the 14th Bomb Squadron, Far East Air Force.

In good condition, used with some service wear, no rips or tears. Leather painted patch to the left breast, Lt. bars sewn on the shoulders and contract label. Working Talon zip, waist band has age but no damage, right cuff has some wear with the left cuff has service wear.
Small size at about a 38.

Code: 53919


WWII US Army Air Corps A2 Leather Flying Jacket - China India Burma

An original CBI pilot, A2 Jacket named to the first pilot to complete 50 missions over the "Hump" Elmer Eberhardt. (documented see more images on item 51279)

A good condition all original A2 by Pouskeepsie, size 40, leather is in great supple condition with no rips or tears, usual wear on the collars (see images) Waist band and cuffs have some wear but are complete.
Hand painted patch on the left front depicts a Boxcar which the aircraft C54 was known. Blood Chits have been removed from the back of the jacket which has the stitch marks, name tag above patch.

Elmer was a C54 Pilot with the 316th Troop Carrier Group based in India from January 1943 until March 1944.

Code: 51278

1480.00 GBP

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United States Leather Navy G1 Flying Jacket

G1 Navy Flying Jacket by Irvin B Foster Sportswear. Vietnam era contract dated 1962. In used but good condition some service wear with Vietnam made HML-367 Hover Cover patch. Waist band is good the cuffs have some wear. Very wearable jacket in a size 42.

Also has a Vietnam made jacket patch for In March 1968, VMO-3 was re-designated HML-367 and it immediately began operations in direct support of ground combat units. Based at Hue and Phu Bai, the squadron flew the Bell UH1E Huey throughout I Corps in support of the 1st and 3rd Marine Divisions, the United States Army, and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. In addition to the countless other missions flown they most notably supported Operations Medina, Fortress Ridge, Prairie Fire, Project Delta, Sparrow Hawk, Dewey Canyon, Apache Snow, Swift Saber and Lam Son 719.
In December 1969, HML-367 began flying the AH-1G Cobra, thus becoming the first operational "Cobra" Squadron in the Marine Corps. Soon after, all the squadron's Hueys were transferred to another squadron (HML-167) and replaced with the Bell AH-1G Cobra.

Code: 53364

350.00 GBP

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WWII USAAF A2 Flying Jacket and Uniform Grouping - 8th Air Force 401st Bomb Group 615th Squadron Deenthorpe.

This group is an attributed to Lt.Robert Girvin Bombardier with the 401st Bomb Group 615th Squadron 8th Air Force out of Deenthorpe, England. "Little Mo" Tail number 42-31069. Completed 30 missions and made the rank of Captain. Pre war he was a sports reporter for the Detroit Times.

Group includes:-
1. Painted A2 Leather Flying Jacket by Roughwear
Contract W535AC23380 dated December 1941, Crown Zip
Size 38 named to R M Gurvin. Painted on the back is aircraft name “Little Moe” with the Disney character and mission bombs. Note the jacket has been re-painted over original artwork and is period WWII.,
A2 cuffs and waistband are complete but show wear, right cuff has 1/2 hole does not go all the way through, left has larger hole goes through all layers from where it was rubbing on a watch probably, skirt has one tiny 1/4 inch hole on back, leather is in very good condition given that it is some 74 years old, a little stiff but still flexible, lining is in good order with no rip or tears, some staining and use.

2. Service “Crusher” Cap by Knox N.Y. named to Gurvin, service wear overall.

3. Headset Type HS-33 marked with initials

4. English made Ike Jacket fully badged includes an English made pin back Bombardier Wing, early 8th Stubby patch to the sleeve, 2nd Lt pin back Rank to the shoulders, Air Corps and U.S. clutch back insignia to the lapels

5. Officer’s Service Tunic named, clutch back medal ribbon bar with clutch back Bombardier wing. Presidential unit citation, 1st Lt Rank to shoulders, clutch back U.S. and Air Corps Branch to lapels. Air Corps patch to the sleeve.

6. Summer Tan Service tunic named to Garvin

7. Officer’s O.D. shirt named to Gurvin

8. Officer’s shirt “Pink” (light shade) named to Gurvin

9. 2 x Officer’s Tan issue shirts, 1 x named to Gurvin.

10. Officer’s “Pinks” Trousers named to Gurvin

11. Named Officer’s OD light serge Trousers. Some staining and small hole in one in the right leg.

12. Named Officer’s OD service trousers

13. Officer’s Tie Tan

14. File containing various letters to his wife and newspaper cuttings. Mission details, 4 photos, 8th AF patch and an Air Corps patch and other information.

The price is £2950.00 but please contact me for payment details. Bank transfer preferred.

Code: 53358


WWII Enlisted Ike Jacket - U.S. Air Corps Troop Carrier

A near mint Enlisted Ike Jacket, badged with a superb Bullion Troop Carrier patch also a bullion Aircrew member on the right above medal ribbons and a radio operator patch on the right sleeve also in bullion. No moth, tailors label dated 1944 sized at 38R. This guy liked to look sharp.

Code: 53319

495.00 GBP

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More images and documents for item 51278

Code: 51279