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WWII U.S.Army Enlisted Cavalry Collar - English Made

An EM Cavalry branch of service collar, screw back made by JR Gaunt London

Code: 54113

30.00 GBP

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WWII U.S.Army 1st Sargeant Rank

A pair of U.S. Army 1st Sergeant rank stripes in un-issued near mint condition.

Two pairs in stock

Code: 54434

20.00 GBP

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WWII U.S. Army Captain's Rank in Bullion

Here is a pair of un-cut Captain rank insignia, bullion embroidered on wool. Some age to the bullion thread.

Code: 54466

15.00 GBP

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WWII U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Rank

A matched pair of WWII U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Rank, pin back in sterling silver.

Code: 54316

25.00 GBP

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WWII U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Rank

A matched pair of Lt.Colonel. Pin Back with the snowflake pattern to the back.

Code: 54315

25.00 GBP

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U.S. Army Marksman Qualification Badge

A period pin back Marksman qualification marked sterling with sterling silver "Rifle-B" bar by Meyer N.Y.

Code: 54275

10.00 GBP

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American Stars and Stripes Correspondent Arc

A near mint Stars and Stripes reporter shoulder sleeve Arc, yellow thread on black twill.

Measures 3 1/2" x 1 3/8"

Code: 54257

20.00 GBP

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Rare Tree Trimmers Local 76 Patch

A scarce Tree Trimmers Patch, Korean made, machined on white twill material. Measures 4"

"The axe murder incident Panmunjom axe murder incident was the killing of two United States Army officers by North Korean soldiers on August 18, 1976, in the Joint Security Area (JSA) located in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The U.S. Army officers had been part of a work party cutting down a poplar tree in the JSA that was alleged to have been blocking the view of United Nations (U.N.) observers, when they were assaulted by the North Koreans and killed.

Three days later, American and South Korean forces launched Operation Paul Bunyan, an operation that cut down the tree with a show of force to intimidate North Korea into backing down, which it did. North Korea then accepted responsibility for the earlier killings.

The incident is also known alternatively as the hatchet incident, the poplar tree incident, and the tree trimming incident."

Code: 54250

25.00 GBP

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WWII U.S. Army Combat Infantry Badge Bracelet

An original sterling silver Combat Infantry badge adapted into a bracelet..

Overall it measures 7 1/4" approx.

Code: 53970

65.00 GBP

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U.S. Army Infantry Officer's Set

A set of matching insignia consisting of the following:-
1. A pair of 1st Lieutenant rank, pin back fitting.
2. A pair of U.S, letters, clutch back fittings.
3. A pair of Infantry branch of service insignia in snowflake pattern, acid test and clutch back fittings.

Code: 53969

35.00 GBP

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