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USAAF Navigators Mission Log Sheet 379th BG Kimboulton

Here is a rare October 1943 naviagators mission log sheet for the 1st Schweinfurt raid by a USAAF 8th Air Force Navigator 2nd Lt. Forest Eherenman 379th BG 525 Sq. flying a B17 out of Kimboulton, Bedfordshire. His pilot was 2nd Lt. Paul Carson.

The pencilled log details the following:-
Pilot Carson PE
Navigator Eherenman
Dated 14th October 1943
Target Shweinfurt
11.08 Take off
11.36 over Molesworth beacon
12.31 English coast out Orfordness
13.03 Dutch coast with P47’s
13.37 Plane down in flames fighters
14.10 B17 down low group P on tail
14.29 B17 down
14.32 I got a ME109 pilot conforming
14.44 Bombs away thousands of fighters attacking in squadrons large holes on left wing waist and right stabiliser flaps shot away Control cables shot gone hydraulic system out.
16.57 Ememy coast out oxygen gone
17.11 English coast in
17.43 Landed Biggin Hill

Fascinating historic document.

Code: 56400


US Army M1910 Canteen Set

Here is a US Army Canteen set.
A 1918 dated water bottle aluminium by LF and Co.
Stainless Cup no dates visible.
M1918 Canteen cover dated 1942 by Braddis Inc

Code: 56406

40.00 GBP

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An Attributed KIA Tan “Flighter” Crusher by Bancroft

US Army Air Force Officer’s “Flighter’ Soft Peak Crusher Cap by Bancroft. Named under the peak R.F. Jeffries. In used condition with wear, a small hole on the front left of the cap badge and the lining has become detached ( see images)

Attributed to 2nd Lieutenant Robert Jeffries a Bombardier/Navigator with 20th Air Force, 313th Bomb Wing, 505th Bombardment Group, 484th Bomb Squadron out of Tinian in the Mariana Islands.

On 10th February 1945 as Bombardier on B29 Superfortress serial 42-24867 as parent of a 120 aircraft targeting the Nakajima Aircraft Plant near Tokyo, Japan. His aircraft was attacked by a Nakajima Ki-44 shot down with the loss of all aircrew.

He was officially declared KIA on 11th February 1946.

Code: 56299


WWII US Army Air Force Officer’s Crusher Cap

A USAAF “Soft Peak” Airflow Officer’s Crusher Cap. Labelled Society Brand Hat Co St. Louis.

This one has been used and has service wear. A very small pull hole on the top but other than that it is in good used condition. Period Officer’s cap badge to the front. Size is approximately 6 7/8”

Code: 56297

225.00 GBP

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WWII US Army Officer’s Garrison Cap

A good Officer’s Garrison cap with a 1st Lieutenant pin back rank insignia. With some light wear.
Size is a 7.

Code: 56204

25.00 GBP

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WWII US Army Officer’s Summer Issue Garrison Cap

An Officer’s summer issue garrison cap badges with a Warrant Officer insignia with clutch back fittings. In good condition label dated July 1945 in a size 6 3/4”

Code: 56086

25.00 GBP

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WWII US Army Enlisted Garrison Cap - Artillery

An enlisted Artillery piped winter issue garrison cap. In good condition size is a 6 3/4”. Named inside Brophy 3668830.

Code: 56085

20.00 GBP

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WWII US Army Enlisted Garrison Cap - Artillery

An enlisted winter issue enlisted garrison cap. Piped with Artillery arm of service and in good condition. Size label 6 3/4”

Code: 56083

20.00 GBP

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WWII US Army Garrison Cap - Medical

An Enlisted winter issue garrison cap piped with Medical Department. Label size is 7 1/8* in good condition.

Code: 56082

20.00 GBP

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US Army First Aid Packet and Pouch

US Army First Aid Packet and M-1924 Pouch. Box is the 2nd pattern made of tin (1941) with Crystalline sulfanilamide stamped on the bottom. In good condition.

Code: 56046

40.00 GBP

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