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Scaece Combination Gauntlet/Gloves

Unusual Combination leather Gauntlet / Gloves in used condition with age and wear. With Lightening zips all working. Label stitched inside "Dr C Hardwick The Red Cross House Dorking" size 8

Code: 55312

95.00 GBP

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USAAF Flying Gloves Type B-3A

A pair of Type B-3A. Size 7 1/2. Made by Papa & Sons Unlined seal brown capeskin leather gloves that cover the wrists and lower forearms for greater protection from flash burns. Soft leather and in good condition.

Code: 55311


USAAF Gunner Gauntlets Type A9A

A pair of Gunners Gauntlets Type A9A complete with labels made by Everlast NY. In a large size.
These are a tan colour slightly different shades. In good condition.

Code: 55310

85.00 GBP

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WWII 48 Star Flag

Here is a 48 Star Flag - not an original but ideal for re-enactors and dressing vehicles. Fully embroidered stars on dark blue with the white and red bars individually stitched together complete with two eyelets/grommets on the leading edge.
This flag is not printed.

Measures 60" x 38"

Limited number available

Code: 55226

25.00 GBP

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Airborne Troop Carrier M-1942 Uniform

Here is a Troop Carrier M-1942 wool jacket, trousers and garrison cap. Named and dated 1/12/1942 with tailors label for the Post Tailors Randolph Field Texas.

Tunic is a quality private purchase tunic
1. Staff Sergeant rank to both sleeves.
2. Right sleeve - English made 9th Air Force patch on the right arm, sewn with yellow thread cross stitch. Rank chevrons and at the bottom is a Meritorious Unit Citation patch.
3. Left sleeve - U.S. made Airborne Troop Carrier, sewn with yellow thread cross stitch. patch, rank chevrons, four overseas 6 month bars and a three year hash mark patch.
4. Left breast is an Aircrew Member wing, pin back and in sterling maker marked A&E Co Utica. Below is a three medal English made ribbon bar.

Code: 55191

475.00 GBP

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WWII U.S.Army Air Force - Flighter 50 Mission Crusher

Here is a rare USAAF Officer soft peak "Flighter" Crusher by Bancroft, Well marked in the headband. Very good condition no moth in olive drab gaberdine material.

Size 7

Code: 55185


U.S. Army Air Force Officer "50 Mission Crusher" Cap

A WWII USAAF Officer's Crusher Cap in good condition with a soft peak, embossed inside Aniline E-Z cushion. No moth.

With service wear, small size 7

Code: 55182


WWII USAAF Aviator Sunglasses. Type AN-6531-1

A pair of Aviator Sunglasses AN-6531-1 light green tint in good overall condition but with some age and wear.

Code: 55161

95.00 GBP

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A Pair of AN-6531-1 Aviator sunglasses

A pair of USAAF AN-6531-1 Sunglasses in good condition with dark green tinted lenses.
No glasses case.

Code: 55160

95.00 GBP

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WWII A-N 6530 Flying Goggles

Here is the A-N 6530 Aircrew Goggles in good condition, used with some light service wear. Strap has lost some of it's elasticity other than that a fine period example.

AN-6530 Goggles were produced during World War II as eye protection for United States Army and Navy flight crews. In 1943, the AN-6530 design replaced as standard the nearly identical USAAF B-7 goggle produced by Chas Fischer Spring Company of Brooklyn, New York. Contracts for AN-6530 goggles were awarded to Chas Fischer Spring Co. and American Optical.

Code: 55157


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