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WWII 1st Troop Carrier Command Title

A rare 1st Troop Carrier Command Title in very good condition.

The command's mission was specialized training of combat crews for the air assault/air resupply mission tasked to the Army Air Forces. It was responsible directly to AAF Headquarters for the majority of the war, later coming under the umbrella of the Continental Air Forces in the spring of 1945

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8th Air Force 324th Bomb Squadron Patch

Here is a large 324th Bomb Squadron A2 Flight Jacket patch. English made with some age, fading and wear removed from jacket.
Large size at 4 3/8"

The 91st Bomb Group (Heavy) was an air combat unit of the United States Army Air Forces during the Second World War. Classified as a heavy bombardment group, the 91st operated B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft and was known unofficially as "The Ragged Irregulars" or as "Wray's Ragged Irregulars", after the commander who took the group to England.1 During its service in World War II the unit consisted of the 322nd, 323rd, 324th, and 401st Bomb Squadrons. The 91st Bomb Group is most noted as the unit in which the bomber Memphis Belle flew, and for having suffered the greatest number of losses of any heavy bomb group in World War II.

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U.S.Army 8th Air Force "Stubby Wing" Patch

Here is an early WWII English made "Stubby Wing" shoulder Patch. Used and removed from uniform with some service wear and age. Silk threads and fully embroidered.

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U.S.Army 8th Air Force Patch

Here we have the more common WWII USAAF 8th Air Force patch. It is the full wing patch, English made in used condition with age and wear with a slight cut at the 11 o'clock position.

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WWII U.S. Air Training Command Patch

A fully embroidered on wool Flying Training Command Patch in mint un-issued condition.
Several in stock.

The US Army Air Forces in WWII had several subordinate Commands below the Air Staff level. These Commands were organized along functional missions. One such Command was the Flying Training Command.

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WWII China India Burma Theartre Made Patch

Here is a locally made original CBI patch. Hand embroidered and quality workmanship.

Measures 3 1/4" x 2 1/2"

Code: 54908


WWII U.S.Army Air Corps Patch

This one is a hard to find CBI Theatre made Army Air Corps patch, used and removed from uniform with age and wear. Quality embroidery.

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WWII United States Womens Airforce Service Pilot Patch

Rare original W.A.S.P. shoulder sleeve patch. Embroidered on tan twill with a cheese cloth backing with age and some wear.

Measures 2 1/2"

Women's Airforce Service Pilots flew non-combat missions during World War II to free men for combat. Although the Air Force trained only about 1,200 WASP's, they had an enormous impact on World War II aviation.

Women pilots assigned to the Air Transport Command ferried forty-three types of aircraft, including small primary trainers, the fastest fighters, heavy transports, and huge bombers, from factories to bases throughout the United States and Canada. They towed targets, took meteorologists up for weather observations, transported equipment, broke in engines, and flew as couriers.

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WWII U.S.8th Air Force English Made 305th Bomb Group Patch

A rare 8th Air Force 305th Bomb Group "Can Do" English made group patch in near mint condition. Embroidered with silk thread on wool.

Measures 3 7/8" x 3"

305th BG (Heavy) consisted of 364/365/366/422 Squadrons flying B17's out of Cheleveston, Northamptonshire

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WWII 8th Air Force - Early "Stubby Wing" Patch

An English made "Mighty Eighth" patch embroidered in silk thread. Early war "stubby" wing 8th Air Force. Removed from uniform used with age and light service wear.

Code: 54602

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