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WWII RAF Escape Compass Collar Stud

A WW2 RAF/SOE shirt collar stud, 'Escape Compass' still in working condition, paint has been removed from the compass face.

Issued to RAF Aircrew for escape and evasion the compass was concealed in a shirt collar stud. The Compass glass face would have been painted white, so as to hide it. If the compass was needed, the paint would simply be scraped.

Code: 53084


WWII Emergency Fishing Kit from the C-1 Vest

Complete fishing kit from the C-1 survival vest, un-opened and in very good condition.

Code: 52594

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U.S.Army Rations B-unit Crackers Cookie

Un-opened rations Vietnam era by Carr Consolidated, almost perfect condition just a few scratches to the can.

Have two of these both good.

Code: 52593

15.00 GBP

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