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U.S. Army Air Force - 99th Fighter Squadron Patch

1960's reunion patch for the 99th Fighter Squadron. Good condition fully embroidered.

Measures 4"

The 99th was originally formed as the U.S. Army Air Forces' first Black African American fighter squadron, then known the 99th Pursuit Squadron. The personnel received their initial flight training at Tuskegee, Alabama earning them the nickname Tuskegee Airmen. The squadron was originally tentatively scheduled to fly air defense over Liberia but was diverted to the Mediterranean Theater of Operations.

Code: 54609


WWII U.S.Army 17th Airborne Patch

A 17th Airborne patch with separate tab. Fully embroidered example in near mint condition.

XVIII Airborne Corps, a part of the Maj Gen Lewis H. Brereton's First Allied Airborne Army. After operation Market Garden the division was shipped to France and then Belgium to fight in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge. The 17th gained its first Medal of Honor during its time fighting in the Ardennes, and was then withdrawn to Luxembourg to prepare for an assault over the River Rhine. In March 1945, the division participated in its first, and only, airborne operation, dropping alongside the British 6th Airborne Division as a part of Operation Varsity, where it gained three more Medals of Honor. The division then advanced through Northern Germany until the end of World War II.

Code: 54606

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WWII 8th Air Force - Early "Stubby Wing" Patch

An English made "Mighty Eighth" patch embroidered in silk thread. Early war "stubby" wing 8th Air Force. Removed from uniform used with age and light service wear.

Code: 54602

35.00 GBP

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WWII English Made Airborne Troop Carrier Patch

A U.S. Army Air Corps Airborne Troop Carrier patch. English made example in near mint condition. Silk embroidered on wool.

Measures 3 1/2" x 2 3/4"

IX Troop Carrier Command consisted of three troop carrier wings, 14 troop carrier groups, and one pathfinder group, totalling approximately 1380 operational aircraft including spares, and 2,000 gliders at its maximum strength in March 1945.

IX Troop Carrier Command conducted three multi-divisional combat air assaults:
Operation Neptune: the invasion of France in June 1944,
Operation Market: the airborne invasion of the Netherlands in September 1944,
Operation Varsity: the airborne crossing of the Rhine River in March 1945

Code: 54600

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U.S. Army WWII Para/Glider Trooper Patch

A Para/Glider garrison cap badge, fully embroidered and in near mint condition.

Measures 2 1/8"

Code: 54603


WWII U.S. Army Air Corps Airborne Troop Carrier Patch

An American made Airborne Troop Carrier patch in good condition. Fully embroidered example.

Code: 54599

30.00 GBP

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WWII American Made SHAEF Patch

A good U.S. made example, fully embroidered and in good condition.

Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force SHAEF, was the headquarters of the Commander of Allied forces in north west Europe, from late 1943 until the end of World War II. U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower was in command of SHAEF throughout its existence.

Code: 54601

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WWII U.S. Army English Made European Advanced Base Command

Early example of the scarce ETOUSA patch (no star) in good condition.

Code: 54605

15.00 GBP

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WWII Tank Destroyer Force Patch - Eight Wheel Version

A scarce eight wheel Tank Destroyers patch, fully embroidered and in good condition.

The tank destroyer battalion was a type of unit used by the United States Army during World War II. The unit was organized in one of two different forms—a towed battalion equipped with anti-tank guns, or a self-propelled battalion equipped with armored tank destroyers. U.S. Army doctrine held that tanks did not fight other tanks but supported infantry.

Code: 54604

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U.S.Army 508th Parachute Regiment Patch

An early post war 508th Parachute Regiment patch. Embroidered on twill materiel. The 508 was a regiment within the 82nd Airborne.

Measures 3"

Code: 54595

25.00 GBP

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