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Falklands War - Argentinian Marine Belt

An Argentinian Marines belt in good condition fully adjustable. Buckle measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Belt is 1 1/4" wide.

Obtained directly from a British Marine Falklands veteran. This item was liberated on surrender in June 1982 at Stanley Airport.

Code: 54741

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Falklands War - Argentinian Helmet

An Argentinian Combat Helmet and liner. Complete with chin strap and fittings. In used and worn condition.

Obtained directly from a British Marine Falklands veteran. This item was liberated on surrender in June 1982 at Stanley Airport.

Code: 54742


Carry on Yomping - Royal Marines Cartoon Book

Cartoon book based on the Falklands Campaign 1982
60 cartoons. Published by Blandford Press by Royal Marine Veterans who donated a percentage of the royalties to Armed Forces charities.

Code: 54746

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Canberra Autograph Book

A souvenir autograph book Canberra, no autographs. Canberra was the converted liner into a troopship.

Obtained directly from a British Marine Falklands veteran.

Code: 54743

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8th Airforce Co-Pilot Grouping - 303rd Bomb Group 359th Squadron

Please note Bank transfer required on this grouping.

A large and rare Grouping to a 303rd Bomb group "Hell's Angels" Co-pilot of B17G 44-8734 "Hells Cargo" flying out off Molesworth Station 107 in Norfolk.
Lt. Carl Wilson completed 32 missions.

Also see item 54735 for more images.

The grouping consists of the following items:-

His A2 Leather Jacket named with leather name tag C.V.Wilson, made by Perry Sportswear Inc. Contract A.C.1756 date 1943. Faded transfer of U.S. Army Air Corps on the left sleeve the jacket is in exceptional and very good condition.

A11 Waltham wrist watch dated 1944, owned by Carl Wilson, AF marked on the casing, no strap and needs a service. .

• One Dog Tag named to Carl V Wilson 0779034 T43-44 on a chain.
• An AN-6550 Summer Flight suit wool and cotton, with label. In near mint condition with leather name tag to C.V.Wilson.
• Named Ike Jacket with an English made 8th AF stubby wing patch, English tailored cut down and tailored from an American made 4 pocket tunic dated 1941. 1st Lt Rank, Aviation branch and U.S. insignia and pin back Pilot wing maker marked Amico in sterling silver.
• Named Four pocket service tunic dated 1943 named C.W. with 1st Lt Rank bars, Aviation and U.S. branch of service insignia with an English made 8th A.F. silk embroidered patch. A pair of LGB pilot wings, pin back in sterling silver.
• An officer’s service cap, crusher style with insignia. In good condition with service wear, no moth or damage.
Size is 7 ¼”
• Two Officer’s Garrison caps, size 7 ¼” in good condition, no moth, both named to Carl on the inside. One has officer gold piping and the other has no piping. Both have Lt. pin back rank.
• Officer’s regulation shirt in olive green, sewn on the left sleeve is an Air Corps patch with a shirt size pilot wing above the left pocket.
• Two Officer’s summer issue tan shirts, no insignia, different shades of colour.
• A pair of Officer’s “Pinks” trousers in good condition.
• Pilot’s Flight Log detailing training from October 1943 until May 1944.
• Note Books - Three Diversified Flying Time Log books, hand written entries in two and one un-used. A note book hand written detailing flight take-off and landing procedures. A note book hand written and forms detailing pilot conversion to B17 aircraft.
• Three Pilot’s special edition books on Instrument Flying dated January 1944. Instrument Trainer dated August 1943 and Instrucment Flying Technique in weather dated June 1943. All in very good condition.
• Restricted Pilot’s Information File, revisions to May 1945 in near mint condition and in original mailing box. A very detailed and interesting book on aspects of flying.
• Various printed booklets including
Civil Pilot training 1941.
Air Gunnery for .45 pistol and Thompson Machine gun.
Pre-flight gunnery School for .50 and .30 calibar machine guns. Restricted copy for the identification of U.S. Navy and British Naval vessels.
Eight Aeronautical maps of U.S. including Oklahoma City dated 1942, Los Angeles dated 1943, Albuquerque dated 1942, Austin dated 1942, El Paso dated 1943, New York dated 1942, Douglas dated 1943, Del Rio dated 1942 and Roswell dated 1943.
• Book the official ”The Officer’s Guide”, July 1943 edition 567 pages in good condition.
• Booklet Squadron Duties of an Army Air Forces Officer.
• Three Stars and Stripes newspapers dates are dated April 1945.
• Crew photo, used condition flight drift calculator and a U.S.official registration certificate dated June 1942.

Code: 54732

2950.00 GBP

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8th Airforce Co-Pilot Grouping - 303rd Bomb Group 359th Squadron

More images and details :-

B-17G Hell's Cargo 44-8734 (359BS) BN-C
(crew assigned 359BS: 19 Jan 1945)

(Back Row) 1Lt Fred E. Call (P), 2Lt Carl V. Wilson (CP),
2Lt William M. Fisher (N)(POW), F/O Morris Mieslich (B/N)(KIA)
(Front Row) S/Sgt Martin Sussman (R)(front left), S/Sgt Ernest L. Meyers (E),
Sgt Mark I Hager (BTG), S/Sgt Henry C. Tanner (WG/TG), Sgt Lawrence B. Moser (TG),
Eight B-17Gs flown by 1Lt Fred E. Call on his thirty-three credited combat missions:
• 44-8734 (P) Hell's Cargo '44 (359BS) BN-C - 22 missions (324, 325, 328, 330, 332, 333, 335, 336, 337, 343, 344, 345, 348, 349, 350, 353, 353, 354, 360, 361, 362
• 44-32289 (P) Sweet La Rhonda (359BS) BN-J - 4 missions (317, 318, 320, 356)
• 43-38875 RedWing (359BS) BN-E - 2 missions (321, 355)
• 43-38958 Green Hill Belle (427BS) GN-H - 1 Mission (340)
• 43-39127 (No name) (359BS) BN-K - 1 mission (311)
• 43-38764 (No name) (359BS) BN-C - 1 mission (312)
• 44-8439 (No name) (360BS) PU-Z - 1 mission (363)
• 43-38609 (No name) (359BS) BN-F - 1 mission (364)

Crew Notes:
• 1Lt Fred E. Call (P) - First mission flown as CoPilot with a combat orientation Pilot 2Lt Harold L. Fravel. The other 32 missions were flown as First Pilot. Completed 33 credited missions on 25 April 1945 (Mission 364 - the 303rd BG(H) last combat mission).
• 2Lt Carl V. Wilson (CP) - Flew on 30 missions with 1Lt Call (All Call missions except missions 311, 343, 360) and two missions with other Pilots (342, 343). Completed 32 credited missions on 25 April 1945 (Mission 364).
• 2Lt William M. Fisher (N)(POW) - Flew on two missions with 1Lt Call (Missions 311, 312) and one mission (313) on 9 February 1945, in B-17G 43-38764 (no name) (359BS) BN-C, with 2Lt Jack W. Bailey (P) when he became a POW. Aircraft was hit by German anti-aircraft fire on the Nos. 2 and 3 engines at "bombs away." It took some time before 2Lt Jack W. Bailey (P) could feather the 3 engine. The B-17, unable to maintain formation, lost altitude and began to straggle. In the vicinity of Mulhausen, Germany, it encountered 14 German aircraft. Believing that his B-17 was defenseless, 2Lt Bailey ordered his crew to bail out. Seven crewmen obeyed his order, assuming they were near Kassel, Germany. P-51 Pilots from the 20th FG, reported that the bail-out was near Mulhausen, Germany. While Co-Pilot, 2Lt Merwin G. Hall, inspected the aircraft to ascertain that all crewmen had bailed out, four P-51s appeared and drove off the enemy aircraft. Lts Bailey and Hall decided to attempt to fly their damaged B-17 back to friendly territory. They succeeded and bailed out near St. Trond, Belgium. Their pilotless B-17 made a wheels up belly landing near Bockholt, Belgium and was salvaged. For additional information see: 359th BS Bailey Crew (MACR 12230).
• F/O Morris Mieslich (B/N)(KIA) - Flew on fifteen missions with the 1Lt Call Crew : As Bombardier (311, 312, 317, 318, 321); As Navigator (324, 325, 326, 328, 332, 333, 335, 336, 337, 340) and five credited missions with other Pilots: (313, 319, 320(A), 327, 339, 341). Was KIA on Mission 341, 20 March 1945, in B-17G 43-38767 (No name) (359BS) BN-L, 2Lt Thomas L. Moore (Pilot). The B-17 was flying in the lead 359th BS formation in the low flight. The No.2 engine was hit by two German ME-262 jet fighters shortly after bombs away and immediately burst into flames. The oxygen and interphone systems were also malfunctioning. The 2 engine was out and pieces of the nacelle fell off. The skin on the left horizontal stabilizer ripped off and ribs could be seen. F/O Mieslich was killed. Three crewmen bailed out and became POWs. Five bodies were found in the B-17's wreckage near Bad Segeberg, Germany (MACR 23570). The ME-262s also shot down a 358th BS B-17.
• S/Sgt Ernest L. Myers (E) - Flew on 30 missions with the 1Lt Call Crew (All 1Lt Call missions except for missions 360, 361, 362) and two missions with other Pilots (361, 362). Completed 32 credited missions on 25 April 1945 (Mission 364).
• S/Sgt Martin Sussman (R) - Flew on all of the 33 1Lt Call Missions and no missions with other pilots. Completed 33 credited missions on 25 April 1945 (Mission 364).
• Sgt Mark I. Hager (BTG) - Flew on 25 missions with 1Lt Call and no missions with other pilots. (All of the 1Lt Call missions except for missions 318, 320, 321, 324, 325, 326, 328, 330). Completed 25 credited missions on 25 April 1945 (Mission 364).
• S/Sgt Henry C. Tanner (WG/TG) - Flew on nine missions with the 1Lt Call Crew: As Waist Gunner (311, 312, 317, 318); As Tail Gunner (361, 362, 363, 364) and nineteen missions with other Pilots: With 1Lt Jack E. Stocks: As Waist Gunner (314, 325); As Tail Gunner (328, 330, 332, 333, 337, 339, 340, 341, 343, 344, 345, 348, 349, 350, 351, 360). With 2Lt William M. Beasley as Waist Gunner (336). Completed 28 credited missions on 25 April 1945 (Mission 364).
• Sgt Lawrence B. Moser (TG) - Flew on 30 credited missions with 1Lt Call (All 1Lt Call missions except missions 353, 360, 361) and three missions with other Pilots (313, 314, 339). Completed 33 credited missions on 17 April 1945 (Mission 362).
Mission Note:
Mission 325, 27 February 1945 to Leipzig, Germany in B-17G Hell's Cargo '44. Landed at airfield B-53 at Merville, France.

Code: 54735


U.S.Army Vietnam Pilot Grouping - CW2

Please note Bank transfer required on this grouping

A large grouping to a Vietnam Warrant Officer, an Attack Helicopter and fixed wing pilot who was a two tour vet that served in Vietnam with 118 AHC in 66-68, 138 AVN in 69-70, 144 AVN in 70-71.

The grouping consists of the following items:-
1. A set of Class A (Greens) uniform, fully badged jacket, dated 1971 with 101st patch, medal ribbons, aviator pilot wings and name tag. In a regular size 42. Some wear to the left collar. Trousers in a size short 37 x 32 dated 1967.

2. Dress Blues uniform, jacket badged with Warrant Officer shoulder boards and U.S. and warrant insignia to the lapels.in a size 42. Trousers size 36.

3. Set of OG107 utilities shirt in a size 15 1/2" x 33. Badged with a period Vietnam locally made 118th Helicopter Assault Company patch. Cloth fight wings, warrant officer rank, name and U.S. army tapes, two buttons missing, with a pair of OG107 trousers in good condition.

4. Set of OG 107 Utilities. The shirt has direct in country embroidered name, U.S.Army, aviator wings and rank insignia on the collars. Pocket hanger to the 146th Aviation Company again hand embroidered in country large size at 4 1/4" encased in plastic. Sleeve patches are 1st Aviation Brigade and Aviation school. Size at 15 1/2" With a pair of trousers in good condition.

5. A Vietnam light weight party shirt embroidered Birdwatcher 3 for the 118th AHC. Two buttons missing.

6. Used Gentex APH-5 Flight Helmet, large size, single Visor by GENTEX, Vietnam era with carry bowling bag dated 1966 all zips working. Wired with boom mic and ear phones in a large size. Comes with spare inner pads and has been re-painted.

7. Bundle of orders, awards and miscellaneous paperwork relating to the pilot.

8. One named dog tag, certificate of service (laminated), service record for early military service (laminated) and photo of a BBQ in Vietnam together with a portrait view.

9. Vietnam phrase book dated July 1962, Helicopter crew checklist for OH-58A dated July 1971.

10. Award plaque presented to CW3 Bennett for service Mar 73 - May 75.

11. Bag cloth insignia various rank, MACV, Pilot, name tape, 1st Aviation, 56th Aviation co, 101st Airborne, Life support sea survival and a PACAF Parasail qualified patch.

Code: 54728

2100.00 GBP

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U.S Army Vietnam Pilot Grouping - More images

More images for the grouping of 54728

Code: 54729


Australian Army Parachute WIng

Early and scarce Australian Para wing, some service wear and age.

Measures 3 5/8" x 1 1/4"

The 1st Parachute Battalion was a parachute infantry battalion of the Australian Army. Raised for service during the Second World War, it was formed in early 1943 from volunteers for airborne training. Despite achieving a high level of readiness, the battalion did not see action during the war and was disbanded in early 1946.

Code: 54723

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Australian Army Parachute WIng

An Australian Para wing in mint condition. Well made and detailed example.1970's era.

Measures 3 3/4" x 1 3/4"

Code: 54724

35.00 GBP

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